H I B A  E L C H I K H E


A B O U T  M E

Hey Everyone, ​This is my website! ...My name is Hiba Elchikhe. Born and raised in London, I had a love for music and the performing arts from such a young age. There was never any question about me wanting to take to the stage for a living -  it felt as though it was the only option for me, and a very natural thing for me to do as a career. I distinctly remember in my nursery school report the teacher writing ‘Hiba likes to dress up in Princess outfits and put shows on for everyone in the class’ (so nothing’s changed there).

I attended The Brit School at the age of 16 to study musical theatre full time and then later continued my training, graduating from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where I did a three-year BA in Musical Theatre. I was very lucky to workshop a couple of new musicals before leaving school; one of my favourites was ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ where I worked with an incredible creative team and got to be part of the creative process.

My first professional job post drama school was ‘Ghost’ the musical where I played Mrs Santaigo/The Hospital Ghost and also got to understudy the role of Molly Jenson. This tour was so much fun and I got to see Asia whilst doing it (the great wall of China was a highlight) and met some of my closest friends. This tour also gave me the travel bug.  I then was also lucky to be a part of Australia’s production of Disney’s Aladdin starring as Princess Jasmine. After having played that for two years i originated the role of 'Selma' in the world premiere of 'Broken wings' which you

can hear on the cast recording.

most recently i've just finished a run of

Antony and Cleopatra at the National theatre

where i played the role of the soothsayer.

Lots of love, Hiba xxx

Elchikhe is equally entertaining as Princess Jasmine. Jasmine’s sense of wonder,
adventure and bravery are well focused on in Aladdin the Musical and Elchikhe portrays
them all and so much more with great talent and a beautiful voice.


Hiba Elchikhe as Jasmine is brilliant who not only looks like the original Disney princess but her performance is not only entertaining but quite heart-warming and has an amazing voice.

As Princess Jasmine, Hiba Elchikhe​ enlivens a headstrong heroine whose
overfondness for fuchsia doesn't stop her wanting to smash the patriarchy.
Her vocals take flight, along with the magic carpet, in a breathtaking rendition
of the iconic love duet A Whole New World.